Fuel/Lubricant Storage and Handling System

Service centered.

Think of it as your portable service station.

SatStat® Fuel/Lubricant Storage and Handling Systems have a proven track record for rapid implementation, nominal engineering costs to accommodate, and increased productivity at the face. They provide a rugged, portable solution to safely storing and handling essential consumables to maximize your equipment up-time underground.


The SatStat® line is portable to keep pace with production advances and renowned for its focus on safety and durability. A heavy steel case protects the storage tanks and a fast-acting, air-tight safety door, plus integrated fire suppression systems, give you the assurance of additional fire protection in the underground workplace.

Storage, handling and dispensing.

Flexible configurations to keep your mobile fleet moving.

SatStat® units are customizable to your requirements and its modular design allows for single or multiple unit set-ups for the safe storage and dispensing of fuel, lubricants, grease, flammable and other liquids. Capacities vary to your specification. Units can be delivered for dual dispensing, electric or pneumatic pumping, fast fueling, with additional filtration and complete instrumentation, and adapted for batch filling systems from the surface.


The cleanliness of fuel, its storage and dispensing is vital in maintaining a safe, clean working environment. To maximize productivity at the face, units can be easily moved as your production advances, minimizing downtime for refueling.


Frequently placed near underground shops, SatStat® oil storage provides a safe and convenient way to keep lubricants clean and ready for immediate use.


Among the most compact of the SatStat® units, the grease handling and storage units are a safe and convenient addition to a service shop or materials handling station.

Available options:

  • Filtration system
  • Fast fueling
  • Duel dispensing
  • Instrumentation
  • Lifting lugs
  • Motor starter panels
  • Electric or pneumatic pumps
  • Batch fill system from surface
  • Transfer fill kits

Protecting the working environment.


In the restricted mining environment fire protection is critical. Like every Rock-Tech product, the SatStat® line focuses on safety. The sealed, fast-closing safety door can be manually activated or work automatically using fire sensors installed in the unit. If fire or exceptional heat is sensed, the door quickly seals as the fire suppression system activates and fire retardants are deployed. Extra-large tanks of fire suppressants are mounted on the outside of the unit for easy monitoring.


Preventing contamination of the workplace is another focus of the SatStat® line. If fuel or other liquids are spilled in a unit, the deep base is fully sealed to contain them - ensuring safe and responsible oversight of the underground environment.

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