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XDi Series Stationary Rockbreakers


Designed and built from the school of hard knocks.

Our RHINO™ XDi Series Rockbreaker Systems offer a range of intelligent options for underground rockbreaking equipment – from teleremote to semi-autonomous solutions – with built-in safeguarding capabilities to protect your investment.


RHINO™ XDi is equipped with telemetry and live data display to provide the operator with comprehensive real-time data about machine performance and easy monitoring of fluids. On-screen diagnostics provide the right data to operators and maintenance personnel to maximize the performance and life of your equipment. 


RHINO™ is designed for stationary installations where you need reliable rockbreaking equipment that is in regular or constant use to keep critical production moving. Purposely built to handle the rigours of underground applications, our rockbreaker systems use massive bushings at wear points, carefully selected components, plus extra plating and reinforcement to fight off fatigue and keep working over the long term.

All these benefits provide you with maximum flexibility and performance. RHINO™  units will handle all your torsional loading, side bending, vibration and shock loads... and keep performing.

Flexibility and choice, but always long-term dependability.


Our RHINO™ line has options to mix and match from a variety of booms and breakers for the absolute best combination of reach and power that best meets your space and expected ore flow. Options in boom lengths vary from 198-302" (5-7.7 m), and breakers are available with energy levels that vary from 2,000 to 6,000 foot pounds.

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Swinging Arc150°170°170°170°
(excluding hammer and powerpack)
4,280 kg
9,418 lbs
6,895 kg
15,200 lbs
7,144 kg
15,750 lbs
7,530 kg
16,600 lbs
Breaker CompatabilityRTB2050RTB2050 - 6000RTB2050 - 6000RTB2050 - 4500
Dimension A2,192 mm
86 in
4,877 mm
192 in
5,283 mm
208 in
6,147 mm
242 in
Dimension B1719 mm
68 in
4,877 mm
192 in
2,591 mm
102 in
3,048 mm
120 in
Dimension C3,857 mm
152 in
5,029 mm
198 in
6,248 mm
246 in
7,671 mm
302 in
Powerpack Features:
  • 379 L (100 us gal) reservoir with clean out inspection cover
  • Forkway and integrated lifting lugs under complete assembly
  • High pressure filter with visual indicator
  • Return filter with visual indicator
  • Oil level sight guage
  • Low oil level shutdown interlock
  • Visual temperature indicator
  • High oil temperature shutdown interlock
  • TEFC electric motor
  • Variable displacement, load-sensed hydraulic system
  • Air over oil cooler driven by TEFC electric motor
  • Environmental drip tray
  • Hand pump to fill hydraulic reservoir through return filter

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Energy Class2,000 ft/lbs3,500 ft/lbs4,500 ft/lbs6,000 ft/lbs
Operating Weight1,468 kg1,758 kg2,078 kg2,758 kg
(including top mount bracket)3,236 lbs3,875 lbs4,581 lbs6,080 lbs
Flow Range80 – 130 lpm
21 – 34 us gpm
120 – 170 lpm
32 – 45 us gpm
140 – 200 lpm
37 – 53 us gpm
160 – 250 lpm
42 – 66 us gpm
Pressure Range135 – 145 bar
1,950 – 2,100 psi
135 – 145 bar
1,950 – 2,100 psi
135 – 145 bar
1,950 – 2,100 psi
150 – 160 bar
2,200 – 2,300 psi
Frequency Range450 – 800 bpm450 – 800 bpm450 – 800 bpm370 – 630 bpm
Tool Diameter115 mm
4.53 in
125 mm
4.92 in
135 mm
5.31 in
142 mm
5.59 in
Powerpack379/37 litre/kw
100/50 us gal/hp
379/45 litre/kw
100/60 us gal/hp
379/55 litre/kw
100/75 us gal/hp
379/75 litre/kw
100/100 us gal/hp

Extend Rhino’s performance, comfort and safety.


Rhino is available with optional sound-deadening, air conditioned cab complete with user-friendly instrumentation, controls and safety glass. Even more options include a raised base, compact power pack designed for local voltage, fire suppression system, central greasing system and an ergonomic operator seat with joystick controls.

Operator Cab

Heavy steel gauge enclosure with safety glass, sound proofing barrier, air conditioning, and intake filtration.

Mounting Platform

Steel base designed to properly anchor rockbreaker system, and for quick and easy replacement of fasteners to pedestal.

Gas Cylinders

Assists in lifting inspection cover for ease of serviceability and added safety.


Available in required local voltage with load sensed hydraulic circuit, pressure and return filtration, and environmental drip tray.

Available options:

  • Manual or automatic fire supression system
  • Central manual or automatic greasing system
  • Ergonomic suspension operator seat with joystick controls mounted in armrest
  • Powerpack starter panels
  • Powerpack heating elements for cold weather applications